Two thirties & 10 fish on first Sandhurst session

  • Posted: 14th September 2020
  • Author: Team DNA

Dave Watson couldn’t have hoped for more from his first session on Sandhurst Lake, as he bagged two thirties as part of a 10-fish catch whilst using our new test hydrolysate.

Coming out first in the draw, Dave opted for the popular Pipes swim and decided to bait up with a mixture of Secret 7 crumb, corn and Crayfish Mini Mix pellets, which he coated in lashings our new hydrolysate liquid.

Over the top, he used pink Secret 7 Half Tones wafters in conjunction with small mesh bags of Crayfish Mini Mix pellets and S7 crumb, which proved too irresistible for the fish, including a 36lb 6oz common, a 34lb 4oz mirror and a stunning fully scaled mirror of 28lb 2oz.

36lb 6oz common

34lb 4oz mirror

28lb 2oz fully

The successful rig