• Posted: 24th October 2022
  • Author: Team DNA

Nathan Geary celebrated breaking his PB common on two separate occasions last week, firstly on Bluebell’s Kingfisher Lake and then again on Farlows!

After kicking off his session on Kingy, Nathan bagged himself a pristine PB-breaking 31lb 8oz common on the opening morning, before dropping on Farlows on the way home to up that personal best by another 4oz with a common of 31lb 4oz.

“Upon arrival at Kingfisher Lake, I jumped in a swim called Catch Me If You Can,” said Nathan.

“After talking to a few lads and finding out that the area had done a couple of bites, I leaded about for about half an hour before I found a lovely clay spot. I sent two rods out to the middle on a clear spot and dropped the right-hander on to the clay spot, using a solid bag of Crayfish Mini Mix pellets and Krill Meal.

“The right-hander pulled up at first light with a brand-new PB common for me, a pristine fish of 31lb 8oz that fought like a demon.”

After a few nights without a bite on Kingy, Nathan decided to drop on to Farlows for a night on the way home.

He said: “I fished on a spot over the back of a gravel bar which I baited heavily with SLK pellets and maggots, offering three D-rigs baited with PB wafters tipped with maggots over the top.

“The night was quiet, but the next morning I managed to land two 30lb-plus commons, one of which was 31lb 12oz, making it another new PB common, my second in a week!”