• Posted: 6th March 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
After a tough winter concentrating on catching a Yateley carp from Swan Valley Lakes, John Harrop managed two fish in a matter of days, a nice old original followed by a stunning 31lb linear!
“I chose a rock-solid water for my winter fishing, as I personally feel one fish from a hard lake is worth more to me than 10 from a lake known for winter form,” said John.
“I’ve always wanted a carp from Yateley and with Swan Valley Lakes holding arguably the oldest stock left in Yateley, and also moving from exclusive syndicate to day ticket, it fit the bill perfectly. The lake had only done four fish since November and personally I’ve only had one night a week off in the past seven weeks. I’ve questioned myself a few times but stuck firm with rigs and bait I know work and have never let me down.
“After yet another move into a peg where I saw fish show but couldn’t previously get in as someone was fishing it, I cast out a boosted Secret 7 Half Tones pop-up to a fish I saw show and within 20 mins it was away. It turned out to be a Yateley original, so I was one happy chappy.”
The following day, John’s trap of a Secret 7 Half Tones pop-up covered in S7 Intense Booster with a dash of Sticky Sweet amongst a small amount of Secret 7 pellets was sprung by the beautiful 31lb linear.

The first of John’s two fish