Viper bites!

  • Posted: 17th November 2020
  • Author: Team DNA

The Catterick Racecourse syndicate is still producing some good fish, with one of the latest to hit the bank being a mirror known as Viper!

The 23lb 8oz mirror was caught by 50-year-old mechanic Alan Young from Stockton-on-Tees during a 48-hour session.

Alan managed to get a Secret 7 cork-ball pop-up on a clear spot amongst a kilo of 15mm S7 freebies before dark on the Friday. Come 11am the next day, nothing had happened and he was just thinking about a recast when one of the rods ripped off!

After a 15-minute tussle, a very chunky mirror know by the members as Viper was resting in the bottom of his net.