• Posted: 22nd May 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
The biggest open-access common in the UK has made its eagerly anticipated May appearance, weighing in at bang on 63lb for Ian Collins!
Despite coming out last in the draw, Ian was happy with his swim and received the bite from the hugely coveted Big Common in the middle of the night after setting a trap in the margins a few hours before.
“After coming out last in the draw, I was surprised to get the swim I had fancied on the walk around the lake,” Ian admitted.
“Upon wheeling the barrow into the swim, I saw fish feeding three rod-lengths out in front, so flicked a couple of rigs out and sat watching the fish feed for most of the day with no success.
“The first night passed without any action, so I spent an hour up a tree on Saturday morning watching a single fish in my water cruising around and occasionally dropping on to a spot on the far margin. That fish just happened to be the Big Common, which I knew was last out at 63-plus.
“I’d walked round and put out a handful of Bug crumb that had been coated in Bug Hydro Spod Syrup and then dusted in Insect Meal, as well as some 8mm Switch boilies soaked in sweetcorn juice. I knew from what I’d seen that I was in with a chance and after the rig went out I put another small handful of bait around it.
“A couple of bleeps at 1.30am got me out of the bag and a short, bizarre fight ensued, before I found myself up to my knees in the lake netting the Big Common. A fish of a lifetime and a morning I’ll never forget!”