• Posted: 1st July 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
Eric Robinson has well and truly been bitten by The Bug!
Over the course of four separate day sessions on Tees Valley’s Yarm Lake, Eric bagged himself two thirties, including the biggest fish in the lake at 35lb 2oz, as well as eight twenties, all on The Bug.
“This was my first session using the new The Bug bait and it started off with a red-letter session, a 24lb common, followed by a new PB of 30lb 12oz, which my first-ever thirty, then a 29lb 10oz and finally a 21lb 14oz. What an incredible session and what a result using The Bug,” said Eric.
“I was then back the next week for another day session and bagged a 23lb 4oz mirror, and the next week had a 27lb 8oz mirror, backed up by a true leather at 25lb, which was a stunning fish.”
Eric then returned the following week and had yet another red-letter session!
Eric said: “After a few hours waiting for a bite, my rod screamed off, which turned out to be an immaculate 24lb 6oz zip linear that looked like it had never been caught, an absolute beauty. Three hours later I saw a fish show, so immediately sent my bait into the area. Ten minutes later it screamed off again, this time with an awesome mirror that hit the scales at 28lb exactly. How could the day get any better? Well, it did, as England beat Germany at the Euros! I began my slow pack-down ready to leave at 9pm, but at 8.50pm precisely, my left-hand rod nearly bent double and I was into another fish. However, this was no ordinary fish; it was the biggest fish in the lake! Affectionately named Stumpy, it was an awesome common which hit the scales at 35lb 2oz, another new PB and only 2oz under its own lake record. What a session! I was absolutely buzzing and still am, to be honest. Another incredible session and what a way to end it.
“When I set out with my new ‘wonder bait’, The Bug, I would never have believed that in fewer than three weeks, I would have caught 10 carp over 20lb, including two over thirties and smashed my PB.
So, thank you DNA for releasing The Bug; I’ve certainly got the bug for it!”
Eric caught all his fish on solid bags filled with Bug pellets and Bug wafters used as hookbaits.