Wet and wild weekend on Abbey Lake

  • Posted: 3rd November 2020
  • Author: Team DNA

A wet and windy weekend on Cambridgeshire’s Abbey Lake saw a group of DNA team members defying the challenging condition to get amongst the fish.

Chris Foers had the biggest of the weekend, a 28lb 12oz mirror that succumbed to a double Secret 7 wafter in conjunction with a golf ball-sized bag of Crayfish Mini Mix and Secret 7 pellets, over a mixture of hemp, maize and a small scattering of Secret 7 dumbbells.

Chris then backed it up with a 24lb 2oz common on the Sunday morning, this one coming to a PB wafter fished alongside the same PVA bag combination, along with Secret 7 dumbbells, hemp and maize.

24lb 2oz common on a PB wafter