• Posted: 6th May 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
Mitch Wood continues to rip through the stock at the Wharf in Cardiff, landing four more fish on his latest visit.
“I arrived on the Sunday with one thing in mind,” said Mitch.
“A low pressure was due to come in and with it some strong south-westerly winds, so I knew exactly where I needed to be on the lake for those conditions.
“There was a guy doing a day session in the swim, so I opted to wait nine hours before I could get in behind him. Finally, at 9pm I got into the swim and got the rods out in the hope the next day the bites would come – and they did. I had five bites in total for four fish landed, all coming to 12mm PB pop-ups in conjunction with three-bait mesh bags, fished over a scattering of 15mm S7 freebies.”
Amongst Mitch’s fish was a 28lb 4oz ghostie named Randy, backed up by a mega 21lb 7oz fully scaled mirror and a dark mirror of 22lb.

Randy at 28lb 4oz

A 22lb mirror