ZOO CREATURES!!! 75LB+, 62LB, 56LB+ & 50LB+

  • Posted: 9th July 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
When James Childs came out last in the draw upon arriving for a week’s holiday at the Zoo in France, he couldn’t quite have envisaged what was about to happen!
Over the course of six days, the 30-year-old scaffolder from Leeds managed to break the lake record with the mighty Orangutan at 75lb 1oz, land a massive 62lb common, two fifties, six forties and two thirties.
James got through 60kg of Secret 7 boilies in 12mm and 18mm over the course of his trip, as the fish just couldn’t get enough!
Over the top, he offered yellow Bug Half Tones wafters on Ronnie rigs.