• Posted: 17th May 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
DNA’s very own production manager Chris Hornsby enjoyed a bumper session when he visited Embryo’s Norton Disney complex for a recent session.
Setting up on one of the road-bank swims on Billy’s Lake, Chris found a spot at 85 yards in 6ft of water, which he baited with a mixture of 12mm Bug boilies and Crayfish Maxi Mix pellets, all coated in Calanus Hydro and Fish Hydro and then covered in both Insect Meal and Krill Meal.
That evening, the bites started coming from the baited area, with both 12mm Bug Half Tones and 12mm PB pop-ups on Ronnie rig sharing the bites.
By the end of the session, Chris had landed 20 fish in total, 14 of which were twenties, with the largest being the final fish of his season, a cracking 27lb mirror.
Chris, who got through around 20kg of bait during the session, said keeping the bait going in was crucial to ensure the bites kept on coming.