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The Simon Crow Column: Big Fish Love SLK!

  • Author: Simon Crow

In the latest instalment of 'The Simon Crow Column', Crowy explains why he considers using a quality bait to be one of the biggest edges when it comes to big carp.

Open-Access Analysis: White Springs

  • Author: Iain Macmillan

Iain Macmillan recaps the sixth episode of the DNA Open-Access Series from White Springs, his most difficult challenge of the series so far.

The Fishing Bloggers: Phil’s Lake

  • Author: Shaun Rexworthy

Shaun Rexworthy reflects on the latest Fishing Bloggers film from Embryo syndicate, Phil’s Lake, where he took DNA products for the very first time.

Chasing Autumn Gold

  • Author: Mike Linstead

Mike Linstead turned his attentions to the River Wharfe this autumn in search of some elusive Yorkshire barbel.

The Lure of Linear

  • Author: Jack Barber

Jack Barber makes the 10-hour round trip from Teesside to spend his first session on the Linear Fisheries complex, and leaves with a new personal best under his belt.

Struggles in Paradise

  • Author: Gavin Middlebrook

Gavin Middlebrook recalls a challenging week at Moorlands Fishery, France, that all came good on Big Fish Thursday.

The Bait, the Boat and the Brown!

  • Author: Jim Starr

Jim Starr recalls his campaign on a Peterborough syndicate water that concluded in the capture of an elusive 50lb-plus mirror.

A morning of firsts

  • Author: Liam Searle

A recent convert to DNA, Liam Searle decided to try out Secret 7 for the first time on his local canal, and the result was almost instant!

Open-Access Analysis: Trent View

  • Author: Iain Macmillan

Iain Macmillan recaps the fifth episode of the DNA Open-Access Series from Trent View, detailing the tactics he used and explaining why he thought it turned out to be such a prolific session.

The Simon Crow Column: First Time Lucky!

  • Author: Simon Crow

We are delighted to confirm ‘The Simon Crow Column’, which graced the pages of Carp-Talk for many, many years, will continue each month on the DNA Digital website. This fantastic monthly series will cover Crowy’s adventures at home and abroad, and this month details his incredible first session on a Lincolnshire syndicate, when he bagged two of the venue’s A-teamers in one morning on the SLK.

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