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A New Challenge

  • Author: Karl Forrest

Having joined the Advocate Team in the spring, Karl Forrest has enjoyed some fantastic results in a short period of time on his Ringwood syndicate, capped by a personal best 39lb common.

The Elphicks smash ’em up

  • Author: Team DNA

Team DNA’s social on Elphicks North Lake, which produced 51 fish in three days!

That’s Fishing!

  • Author: Paula Marriott

In May, Paula Marriott took part in the Ladies British Carp Cup final on Oak Lake at Old Mill, Lincolnshire, against 13 of the country’s leading lady carpers. Here’s her take on how the weekend went…

Open-Access Analysis – Merrington

  • Author: Iain Macmillan

Ting Tong recaps the opening episode of new DNA Open-Access Series at Merrginton Carp Fishery – available to view on YouTube – and explains the tactics he used to tempt the venue's wily carp.

On the Spot

  • Author: Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson reveals how his persistence of sticking with one particular spot over a series of months brought him an elusive Nottinghamshire park-lake mirror.

10 Tips to Spring Success

  • Author: Chris Donovan

Match angler and former Northern Carp Cup champion, Chris Donovan, details his 10 best pieces of advice for getting amongst the fish this spring.

One Bite At A Time

  • Author: Jason Trought

The gaffer explains his simple take-anywhere approach to winter fishing.

Want to Be A Field Tester?

  • Author: Jason Trought

The gaffer explains some of the often-unseen sacrifices involved in being a field tester.

Is Plastic Really Fantastic?

  • Author: Jason Trought

DNA Baits gaffer Jason Trought looks a bit deeper into the enigma that is the success of the humble plastic bait.

Hidden Gems

  • Author: Paul Mallinson

Paul Mallinson recalls his campaign on a North Lincolnshire pit containing just two carp, one of which is one of the oldest in the country.

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