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Product Reviews

Fish Hydro

  • Author: Daniel Morris

Daniel Morris explains why we loves the Fish Hydro liquid, and gives us a good tip for extending the life of freezer baits.

Hydro Liver Powder

  • Author: Nathan Luckham

Nathan Luckham loves using Hydro Liver Powder on his freebies and his hookbaits. Here's why...

Half Tones pop-ups

  • Author: Luke Belton

The Half Tones pop-ups have caught Luke Belton three UK forties and six thirties – no wonder he loves them!

The PB range

  • Author: Jack Barber

Jack Barber extols the virtues of the PB range, which has accounted for numerous fish for him since he joined the DNA team.

S7 and Intense Boosters

  • Author: Jordan McKulsky

Yateley angler Jordan McKulsky has developed a real affinity for S7 since joining the team, and absolutely loves coating his hookbaits in Intense Boosters.

The Switch boilies

  • Author: Greg Shepherd

The Switch is the newest boilie in our range and is already a firm favourite of a number of anglers, especially Greg Shepherd.

S7 boilie range

  • Author: Dan Eason

Dan Eason explains why S7 is his go-to bait, and offers a little tip on a flavour combination that has produced loads of fish for him.

Crayfish Mini Mix pellets

  • Author: Jon Bassham

'Secret' Jon Bassham gives us an insight into why he thinks the Crayfish Mini Mix pellets are one of the best products in the DNA range.

Milky Malts

  • Author: Rob O'Brien

Rob O'Brien explains why he always takes a tub of Milky Malts fishing with him.


  • Author: John 'Vinny' Pritchard

Vinny reviews his favourite-ever hookbaits: S7 dumbbell wafters.

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