• Posted: 13th March 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
A near-sixty and nine forties would be a huge achievement for most anglers in a lifetime, but those were just the highlights of a single Grenville session for Roger Bacon!
Having not fished the Cambridgeshire super water since last summer, Roger decided it was about time he made his return, more than making up for his absence by recording a staggering tally of 32 fish over the course of an incredible session.
“I had a plan to set up on the west bank and wait for the forecast easterlies to arrive and hopefully the carp would follow,” said Roger.
“However, after a good look around, I was not at all confident the fish would follow the cold forecast winds, so decided to set up on the back of the wind instead, Fortunately, Paul, the owner, had given me permission to do a long session on account of me not having fished the lake for many months.
“With the rods out, the action started pretty much straight away. Over the trip I had periods of hectic action, followed by 24-hour quiet spells.
“Fishing at 38 wraps with the wind behind me, I baited with large beds of Bug 8-millers, 12-millers and mini dumbbells, which had been given their usual two-day soak in matching Bug Liquid Food.
“I think the small baits definitely kept the fish grubbing/feeding on my area for longer and I landed some mega linears, scalies and the odd common along the way.
“They were all caught on my long blow-back D-rigs with critically balanced Pink Peril pop-ups as hookbaits.
“That’s it for myself and Grenville for a year or so now. Time to move on.”