• Posted: 5th December 2023
  • Author: Lee Morris

It’s not always a bed of roses when it comes to carp fishing. Though not everyone is prepared to admit it, blanks often outnumber successful trips for the majority of anglers; it’s just the sessions when we do catch that we choose to remember and tell people about.

Despite having a brilliant 2023, Lee ‘Morris’ Morris has still endured many trips that have left him scratching his head, wondering how to put a fish on the bank. We just don’t get to see or hear about those trips. However, in our very latest film release, we join Mozza on a mini campaign that sees both his angling ability and character put to the test, as we follow his journey of emotions, ranging from anguish and despair, to pain and frustration, until eventually joy and jubilation.

The film takes place across three calendar seasons on the famous Thorney Weir in the Colne Valley, home to a stock of magnificent English carp to well in excess of 40lb, one of which Mozza claps eyes on – but will he catch it?