• Posted: 26th June 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
A social session down at East Delph Lakes in Cambridgeshire saw Rod Underwood and friends celebrate Chris Foers’ birthday in style.
Rod managed six fish from his six bites, having managed to get the fish gorging on his approach of Bug boilies, Calanus Hydro and Insect Meal, with the highlight being a stunning mid-twenty mirror.
Rod said: “Walking the lake with the other four guys, the first two swims I would have chosen went, so I decided to fish a swim called the Retreat, which had an island right in front of it. This limited my water and tactics a little, but with the other four pretty much having more open water, I fancied being tucked away.
“Two days before we fished, I put 2kg of 12mm and 2kg of 15mm Bug freezer boilies in a big bucket with a really good helping of Calanus Hydro over the top. Over the two days I gave the bucket a good shake to mix the boilies up and to keep them coated in the liquid.
“The morning of our session, I shook the bucket before adding a generous amount of Insect Meal, ensuring every bait was coated.
“I managed six bites in total, landing all six of them, with the biggest reaching mid-twenties. I fished Ronnie rigs with Bug Corker pop-ups coated in the Bug Intense Booster in conjunction with small mesh bags of Crayfish Mini Mix pellets. A introduced handful of Insect Meal-coated Bug boilies and some 6mm pellets after each bite, targeting spots tight to the island.
“Fishing was hard on the deck over the weekend, with only nine bites recorded, six of which meant to me.”