• Posted: 5th June 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Amidst the depths of sorrow, Kyson Lloyd managed to continue his imperious run on RK Leisure’s Kingsmead 1 by landing the queen of the lake, the hugely coveted Scarred Mirror at 56lb 4oz.
It was a poignant capture for the 31-year-old golf professional, who had only lost his grandad a few days before and had headed down to the lake just to get away from things.
Having also only recently landed the fish all the K1 anglers want to get their hands on, a fully scaled mirror known as The One at 42lb 10oz, Kyson wasn’t expecting to follow it with another sought-after fish so quickly after. However, in the bittersweet haze of grief, Kyson felt the guiding presence of his recently departed grandfather as he bagged himself another slice of Horton history.
“After losing my Grandad on Sunday evening, I went down the lake just to get away from the real world and he blessed me with the queen of the lake, Scar at 56lb 4oz,” said Kyson.
“As I was playing the big girl, a fish rolled on the other rod, so shortly after landing the big one, I rushed to get a wiped-out rod back out there and it went again half an hour later!
“I never knew I had the big ’un until it rolled close in after pulling me around deep down for a good while. Luckily, I only saw it when she was defeated and managed to slip the net under her.
“The Bug has treated me very well this spring, with 25 captures coming my way since the complex reopened!”
Scar and the 31-pounder that swiftly followed fell to glugged Bug Corker wafters tipped with Bug Half Tones pop-ups that Kyson presented over a baited area of Bug mini dumbbells and 15-millers glugged in Bug Hydro Spod Syrup and then dusted in Insect Meal.