• Posted: 9th June 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Will Goodman opened his account at the very first time of asking on a difficult Berkshire club water, landing a new PB common in the process!
The Wokingham project manager kicked off proceedings on the venue with a lovely 31lb 7oz common, having resorted to a good old-fashioned bottom-bait approach.
Will said: “Fishing a tough Berkshire circuit water for the first time, I found a clear area near an island at about five wraps right on the end of the wind that was blowing warm water down the lake.
“Having fished all three on the spot over bait with pop-ups (which is the going tactic for the water), I had no takes, despite seeing fish in the area. So, the next evening, having rested the swim, I decided to put one rod off the spot on a 15mm SLK bottom bait that I soaked in SLK Liquid Food and dusted in Krill Meal and coated in rock salt, along with a three-bait stringer.
“The rod had only been in the water an hour before I had the first take, with a good scrap resulting in a 31lb 7oz spawned-out common, which was a new PB common for me. After redoing the rod, I had another take within 20 minutes and connected with something that felt altogether bigger. However, unfortunately I suffered a dreaded hook-pull. Nevertheless, a great session and I was made up with landing such a great-looking fish on a water where some anglers go a year without a bite!”