• Posted: 9th August 2023
  • Author: Vinny Pritchard

We’ve got more carp-fishing content available for you on the DNA Digital TV YouTube channel, as we turn our attentions to the art of floater fishing. Floater fishing is a deadly method in the right hands, but let’s face it, not everybody has the patience for it. Trying to pick out a single hookbait in the glare as the fish suck in all the other freebies around it can be as challenging as it is frustrating, but there is another way of doing it… Vinny Pritchard absolutely loves his floater fishing, but very rarely will he call upon a controller float to try and pick them out on the top. Instead, he much prefers to fish either over-depth or dead-depth zigs amongst the feeding fish and wait for the alarm or spool to scream! In this piece, Vinny demonstrates exactly how he goes about catching them off the top. If you’ve never used this method before, you’ll be amazed at how simple and effective it is. Quite simply, this is floater fishing made easy!