• Posted: 20th November 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Damien Linney’s debut appearance on the Gaunts Lake syndicate at Linear Fisheries saw him enjoy a November session he’ll remember for the rest of his life!
Over the course of a few nights, Damien picked off three 40-pounders of 43lb 2oz, 40lb 4oz and 40lb 2oz and six thirties to 38lb 4oz as part of an 11-fish catch that saw fish feast on his baited spot, with one double take resulting in a forty and a thirty in the same net.
“A big thank you to Chris Blunt, my long-suffering friend, for allowing me to fish for a few nights on the GUY Lakes syndicate,” said Damien.
“The lake in question, Gaunts, was the only one I had not fished on the entire complex and is without doubt the most picturesque under the Linear banner.
“Setting up at the far end away from the other anglers, baiting little and often with a mixture of Bug and Secret 7 boilie crumb, pellets and sweetcorn and fishing over the top with three Bug Corker wafters tipped with red maggots gave me a session I will never forget!”
The action all started at five o’clock the next morning with a 30lb 4oz mirror and continued for the next 36 hours, only slowing down when anglers started setting up near him.
Damien added: “Thanks to the guys at DNA for producing such quality and consistent bait that keeps putting good fish on the bank.”