• Posted: 16th April 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
The Amino Smoke is going to blow you all away, seems to be the assessment from our consultants and team members, who have been fortunate enough to use the product over the spring!
With the launch date drawing ever nearer and bottles being filled almost as we speak, the excitement at DNA HQ is palpable.
Luke Church’s very first night using the Amino Smoke and the new yellow Bug Half Tones wafters saw him tempt this very rarely caught 32lb 1oz scaly from his syndicate.
“The Amino Smoke is something a bit special and is going to be a real edge. No doubt it will help catch numerous amounts of fish,” said Churchy.
“I had pre-soaked my Bug boilies with the Amino Smoke the night before I arrived to the lake. Before Spombing, I added more Amino Smoke to the free offerings and also to the hookbaits before casting out.
“There are so many good new DNA products coming out at the moment, adding to such an awesome range. Great work from all involved.”