• Posted: 19th October 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Simon Whiddett made every moment count of his latest short session on Grenville Lake, wrapping up a three-fish catch with a 40-pounder in the final minutes of his stay.
After paying lots of attention to spot selection and his baiting approach, Simon’s action kicked off the next morning with mirrors of 30lb 2oz and 36lb 6oz, before the session-topping lump of 41lb 9oz, ensuring his drive home was a happy one!
Simon said: “Although there were fish showing out at range in the main body of water in the centre of the lake, there were also some good fish to be found at the furthest end of the lake in the shallowest part. Fish were showing at close range, so knowing the area was very weedy, I was in no rush to get the rods out straight away. Instead I felt it was important to watch the water until the activity had died down to pinpoint the most localised area where the fish were giving themselves away. Then I could locate a presentable clear spot where I could present three hinged stiff rigs baited with home-made Bug cork-ball pop-ups.
“Once the area was located, it was time to give them some grub, so seven kilos of the ever-consistent Bug boilies was dispatched. I used a mixture of whole 12mm baits and crumbed 15mm Bug that I had soaked in Bug Hydro Spod Syrup 48 hours prior to my session. This was Spombed to a small clear area, before it was time to sit back and take in the amazing Grenville atmosphere.
“The first bite came at first light the next morning in the shape of a 30lb 2oz mirror, which was a great start to the day! The morning passed by with no further action and, feeling I may have been cleaned out, I decided to Spomb out a further three kilos of 12mm Bug at lunchtime, which was a bit of a gamble knowing I had to be away in a few hours. However, it proved to be a good decision, as no more than two hours later another rod was away, resulting in a 36lb 6oz brute of a carp!
“With time ticking down before my departure, I decided not to replace the rod and instead just left the remaining two on the spot. With everything packed down at 4.30pm and with only the rods left to bring in, one of the remaining rods signalled a very aggressive take and a hard battle resulted in a lovely 41lb 9oz mirror, a great end to the session!”