• Posted: 20th September 2023
  • Author: Danny Fox
We’ve got another awesome film for you, as we welcome long-range caster Danny Fox to the DNA Digital TV channel.
Hull-based carper Danny has been one of the most successful anglers on the A1 Pits complex in Nottinghamshire over the past few years, landing large numbers of fish from the biggest lake on the venue, Pit 6.
As any angler who has fished this popular day-ticket water will know, the ability to fish and bait accurately at range is absolutely vital, as carp regularly patrol the many bars that bisect this 50-acre pit.
In this piece, Danny explains to us how he tackles this captivating lake and offers all sorts of advice on fishing effectively at range.
We look at Danny’s long-range rigs, get his thoughts on hookbaits and learn about his baiting methods for fishing at ranges in excess of 140 yards. Danny also talks about the hardware, line and technique you need to fish at such distances, in what is an extremely informative film.