Milky Malts

  • Posted: 27th April 2018
  • Author: Rob O'Brien

When looking through the DNA Baits website, it can be a daunting prospect working out what bait to use. One product that has caught more fish than any other for me is the Milky Malts. They are so versatile; whether used on spinner rigs, chod rigs, snowman rigs or any other rig out there, this pure-white pop-up with its milky aroma is a winner, either straight out of the tub or when combined with a little edge to make yours different to anyone else’s.

Milky Malts are great for tipping off baits on snowman rigs

A little trick I have used in the past is to combine the Milky Malt Intense Booster and then coat the bait in Milk E powder, giving the bait more attractants that break off at different rates. Also adding Wraysberry Liquid Booster to give your baits a slight colour change can also be an edge, adding more attraction into the swim.

Mixing Milky Malts with Wraysberry Liquid Booster is a great little edge

Available in a variety of sizes, from 10mm through to 18mm, there is something to meeting everyone’s needs and situations, so if you buy one item for your tackle bag, make sure it’s a pot of Milky Malts.

Best of luck. Rob O’Brien.

A memorable Milky Malt capture