• Posted: 12th April 2022
  • Author: Team DNA
A social session with a group of friends saw Rod Underwood get amongst a string of fish despite the challenge of freezing-cold mornings and northerly winds.
Rod rattled off nine carp in total, the largest of which weighed in at 28lb 8oz, whilst fishing to the same spot at 16 wraps with PVA bags.
Rod used three different presentations and hookbaits: a 12mm pink Bug Half Tones pop-up on a size 6 Ronnie, a Secret 7 dumbbell wafter on a German rig, and a pink Bug Half Tones wafter on a slip-D rig.
His PVA bags were made up from a mixture of Crayfish Mini and Maxi pellets, along with some Betastim Mini and 4mm pellets, as well as a groundbait mixture consisting of Krill Meal, Blizzard, Bug, SLK and Switch Stick Mix, and some GLM Powder!
Who said mixing baits doesn’t work?!