• Posted: 15th September 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Daniel Page has got his mojo back and in a big way, after landing a fish he had been chasing for the past couple of years.
“After changing my way of fishing, moving over to solid bags, I had this beaut of a common called the Oak, which I had been chasing for two years.
“I had fish showing all over me – it was like a dolphin show – but as soon as the bags went out they disappeared. Thankfully, this one decided to stick around and slip up.
“I was fishing with nice, simple three-inch standard hair rigs with white Bug Half Tones wafters as hookbaits. In the bags, I used a mixture Crayfish Mini Mix and Bug pellets, a little bit of Insect Meal and a good squirt of Calanus Hydro.”