• Posted: 6th November 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
The nights may well be getting colder, but Nermin Caro of DNA Baits Germany is only just warming up, after landing a giant 72lb 5oz (32.8kg) mirror from his large German syndicate lake!
The BAF International warehouse manager only began this campaign in mid-autumn, opening up with a 59lb 1oz (26.8kg) common, which he followed with another common of 62lb 3oz (28.2kg), but this 70-pounder and 30kg-plus fish takes things to the very next level.
Nermin told us: “After a long day at work, I made the decision to take a day’s holiday the next day and head straight to the lake from the work, knowing there was a good chance I would be alone. Bingo! Again, it just me on the lake.
“Everything was prepared quickly and one rod was cast out to a very good known spot. During my previous session, all the better fish were caught on the right-hand rod. I remember on my last morning at this place, I heard a splash really close to the bank in the small bay to the left of me, so that’s where I put my rod, along with a kilo of mixed-sized Secret 7 boilies with the throwing stick.
“Everything felt good and I was ready for the night! I decided to put on my waders and my headtorch and slowly and carefully stepped into the clear water to take a closer look in the shallows, where I’d put my second rod. Jackpot! I found a cleaned-off area of approximately 1.5m, over which I could see my hookbait and a few S7 freebies around it. Happy with everything, I got in my sleeping bag and started to think what this new location may bring.
“An absolutely screaming take at first light woke me up! The rod in the small bay made me a really happy man! The result was this absolutely massive and hard-fighting mirror carp, and weighing in at 32.8kg (72lb 5oz), I was over the moon.”