• Posted: 21st February 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
Bruce Hough put our soon-to-be-released yellow Bug Half Tones wafters through their paces during a recent visit to his syndicate water and came away having bagged himself a February thirty!
Bruce said: “Making the most of the unseasonably mild temperatures, I headed for a 48-hour session on the syndicate water this weekend.
“On arrival, it seemed many others had thought the same, so noticing a few fish showing at one end of the lake, I settled into a peg as near to them as I could. Apart from a trailer and a liner, the first 24 hours proved slow, but on the next morning a couple more fish gave up their whereabouts and that afternoon a searing run produced a lovely mirror of 31lb 6oz, falling to a new yellow Bug Half Tones wafter.
“The same evening, my other rod burst into life with another screamer and a pristine upper-double common graced the net. Both fish were taken over house boilies, pellets and crumb, with added Insect Meal powder and BetaStim. It was great to get back amongst ’em!”

Coming soon!