• Posted: 10th July 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Former Royal Marine, Will Goodman, managed a new personal best whilst on a social session with other veterans and military friends on the exclusive booking venue, Junction 12 in Reading.
After starting the session with three twenties up to 27lb 8oz, Will then lost a fish to a cut-off in the weed.
“I re-did the rod and it went again within an hour,” said Will.
“The fish weeded me up pretty much straight away, so rather than keeping the pressure on, I let the line go slack and within a minute it powered off again, enabling me to manoeuvre it around the weedbed. After a few heavy long runs, I managed to get the fish up on the surface and it came in with little effort. A rare fish that hasn’t been seen for quite a while, and not only a new forty for J12 but also a new personal best for me.”
The 42lb 8oz mirror came from a silt patch amongst thick weed at 50 yards, where Will fished over a bed of SLK 15-millers and mini dumbbells, pellets, salt and SLK Liquid Food, all covered in loads of Krill Meal.