• Posted: 25th July 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Daniel Bowler finally got his hands on a fish he had coveted for three years during an overnighter on the Catterick Racecourse syndicate, not for the first time benefiting from a spot of prebaiting!
“After prebaiting with a 4kg mix of SLK and Bug boilies and some lake pellets, which had a good amount of Salmon Oil added to them, I dropped on to the spots 24 hours later and very quickly got my first run,” said Daniel.
“It was only a small common, but the next morning I landed one of the lake’s 30-pounders, a fish I had been targeting for the past three years. This was followed by a few more smaller fish before the birds came in to ruin the fun!”
The 30lb 4oz mirror succumbed to a 15mm SLK Corker wafter fished over his prebait.
This is not the first time a spot of prebaiting has worked well for Daniel on the North Yorkshire venue, as he also landed eight fish in 14 hours, including the lake’s largest resident, using very similar tactics just a few weeks previous.