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    Evolution, the natural progression of improving something acceptable into something exceptional. Successfully adapted to better suit its environment. DNA have taken what they class as the very best in carp baits, and evolved their key attributes to improve them further. Taking our superb freezer range we have built an advanced DIY hook bait concept that is created to get the hook bait taken first, and quickly, in any baiting scenario. Further still, we have also given you the angler, the option to evolve this range further to suit your own specific needs and the angling situation that you may be faced with.

    The hookbaits as they come, are salt cured and are highly attractive to carp long before the wrap is added due to the boosted levels of soluble ingredients contained in the bait. This, along with the increased osmosis created by the curing process of the hookbait, means that you have a higher and more sustained release of attractors released right from the core of the bait than you would a standard ‘out of the bag’ bait. Of course any increase in osmosis means that your bait will soften quicker. After extensive testing during summer water temperatures we feel we have now struck the right balance for hookbait hardness. We would recommend that during the height of summer these hookbaits are suitable for 12-18 hours. During winter and spring of course this is vastly increased and we have left baits out unaffected for 48hrs. These hookbaits are an incredible edge all year round especially now during a time when it seems almost every rig going out has some kind of brightly coloured addition. This is pure natural attraction at its finest.

    Remember, there is no right way or wrong way to prepare these baits, only YOUR way!

    Pack Contains;
    1 x Tub of Salt Cured, 15mm Boosted Bottom Baits
    1 x 50g Sachet of Highly Soluble Powdered Food Additive
    1 x 50ml bottle of Highly Soluble Liquid Additive
    1 x Measuring Spoon.
    1 x Instructional Leaflet.

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    Weight 0.5 kg
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    1 review for THE BUG EVO KIT

    1. trakkerdaz (verified owner)

      As the BUG boilie range this product is special. At first like many an angler I was sceptic. I mastered the SLK EVO kit with fantastic results. Other anglers say wrap paste around hookbait but thats old school. With these kits everything is at your control. The BUG EVO kit will without doubt put fish on your matt now it’s getting colder.

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