• Posted: 7th May 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
Andy Gowan might have lost a fiver to his son over the Bank Holiday weekend, but he couldn’t really complain, after bagging himself a 40-pounder on a Smoked-up solid!
Andy fell out of pocket when his son correctly predicted which rod would do their first bite on a father-and-son trip to Linear’s Gaunts Lake syndicate, a bite that would yield one of the largest fish in the lake at 40lb 3oz!
Andy said: “It had been a couple of years since my lad came along for a spot of night fishing, but I will have try to convince him to join me on more trips, as the rods had only been out for two hours when the rod he bet with me would go (costing me a fiver) pulled up tight and we were away!
“Despite this fish being somewhat of a stalker, it was at its biggest weight when compared to my previous captures, coming in at 40lb 3oz. By far and away it was the biggest fish my lad had seen in the flesh and he couldn’t quite believe what was sulking in the net (he wanted to be involved, so was on netting duties and did a great job). His smile says it all; a magical moment and memories that will live forever!
“We did back it up with a 26lb scaly, which was an amazing-looking creature and made packing down two bivvies and far more stuff than we needed for a 24 hour session – not to mention two barrow loads half way round a boggy Gaunts – far easier.”
Andy was fishing with solid bags of Crayfish Mini Mix pellets pumped with Bug Amino Smoke, with Bug Corker wafters as hookbaits. He presented his smoky solids over a bed of whole and chopped Bug boilies.