• Posted: 30th May 2022
  • Author: Tom Forrester

Tom Forrester makes his on-screen DNA Baits debut as we join him for a session at Linear Fisheries in Oxfordshire to learn how he approaches a typical spring session on a busy day-ticket venue.

Tom opts for Hardwick Smiths on the Linear complex, home to some of the nicest-looking fish the venue has to offer. With clear skies and high pressure, fairly typical for the time of year, Tom has to call upon all his knowledge and experience to turn the carp on the feed and conjure up a few bites.

Utilising the amazing 8mm Bug boilies and a variety of DNA liquids, Tom talks us through his baiting approach for fishing on gravel bars and how he ensures the vast majority of his free offerings stay on the bar and don’t fall down the sides. Tom also discusses hookbaits and rigs and why he favours certain presentations at this time of year.


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