• Posted: 2nd April 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
Three thirties and a massive new personal best of 45lb 14oz saw Tom O’Mahony enjoy one of the best sessions of his angling life on his syndicate water.
After hoping and dreaming of catching this particular fish for a long time, the moment finally came during what turned out to be a highly productive big-fish session for Tom.
“I can’t quite believe I’ve managed to catch the fish at the top of my wish list,” admitted a jubilant Tom. “The stars aligned and all things fell into place.”
Taking us through his session, Tom said: “Travelling down to the lake in what seemed like a monsoon, the skies cleared, giving me enough time to get both rods out tight on the spot and accurately baited with 15-20 Spombs of house pellets and boilies all soaked in plenty of Hydro Wheat.
“No sooner had I finished spodding the heavens opened again, but within an hour of the rods being out, a 31lb mirror was in the net. What a start, but things would only get better. At 2.30am, the alarm gave two single beeps. After getting up and seeing the bobbin tight against the rod, I knew I was in. Instantly I could tell it was a good fish, as I wasn’t able to gain any line. It held its own in the centre of the lake and 10 or so minutes later the fight was over and she was in the net. Looking down, I instantly knew which fish it was and my legs went to jelly. It was a moment I’d been hoping/praying for, a colossal mirror known as Trio at 45lb 14oz. With the pictures done and the fish released, I topped up the spot again.
“First light came along with my third take in 12 hours, this time yielding a 34lb 6oz mirror. The same process followed with the spot being topped up and then mid-afternoon, totally out of the blue, a pristine 31lb 10oz common was sulking in the bottom of the net.
“That was then the last of the action, but it was undoubtedly a session I won’t be forgetting – four fish all over 30lb and a new PB to boot. Unbelievable!
“I can’t recommend the Bug Corker wafters highly enough. Used in conjunction with the matching Bug Intense Booster and Insect Meal, they have been a game-changer since I started been using them and my confidence in them is through the roof!”