• Posted: 15th April 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
It has been some year already for DNA Baits customers! Not only have we seen the country’s biggest fully scaled mirror and the UK’s biggest-ever common landed on our products, but last week another of our customers also bagged the largest fish on Embryo Angling’s Norton Disney complex using our baits.
A huge congratulations to Phil Craven, who had set his sights on catching the Pettitt’s Lake mirror known as the Avenger earlier this year, and just a few sessions later was successful in his goal, setting a new UK personal best in the process with the 45lb unit.
“It all started whilst filming a vlog at the start of the year for my channel, ‘FishingBrosUK’, said Phil.
“My first session was a struggle, but eventually I broke my PB common at 35lb and was then shown pictures of the Avenger, which triggered my obsession with targeting the big girl!
“I then did four subsequent hard winter sessions determined to catch her, blanking twice and catching twice, tempting some immaculate mirrors and commons during those two successful sessions. It was a steep learning curve on Pettitt’s, as it seemed much trickier than the other lakes on the complex!
“I caught fish using the house pellets soaked in the Bug Hydro Spod Syrup and then having coated them in crushed Bug boilies.
“On my next visit, after taking some advice from Tom Maker, I went in with a 12-inch fluoro D-rig, baited with a trimmed-down 15mm Bug Corker pop-up hookbait!
“Just 12 hours into my session on Pettitt’s, the hard gravel and clay spots came alive at the same time and two rods ripped off! Luckily, I picked up the right rod and landed the fish, whilst the other one came off after a short battle.
“When I peered into the net, I realised my dreams had come true! It was her, the Avenger, weighing in at 45lb on the nose and a new UK personal best for me. Happy days!”
🎞️ You can check out a short video of the capture here: