• Posted: 12th June 2023
  • Author: Lee Morris

You’ve seen the pictures and you’ve read the catch report, but now here’s your chance to hear the full account of Lee ‘Mozza’ Morris’ capture of an incredible 60lb 5oz fully scaled mirror from JC Fisheries’ Manor Carp Fishery, the largest fully in the UK. The tale behind the capture of this amazing fish has been kept behind a paywall for the past couple of months – until now! It’s a story that began 13 years ago, when… actually, let’s save the storytelling to Mozza.

WHAT DID MOZZA CATCH THE FISH ON? Mozza baited an area with 20 Spombs of chopped worms and casters that he’d mixed and covered in Insect Meal powder. Over the top, he offered a 10mm PB pop-up tipped with maggots inside a solid bag of Crayfish Mini Mix pellets and a mixture of squats and Insect Meal powder, the latter absorbing the moisture of the squats to creature the perfect consistency and texture for a solid bag.