• Posted: 13th October 2022
  • Author: Simon Crow

In the second of two ‘Mindset’ episodes, we catch up with one of the most successful big-carp anglers in the history of the sport, Simon Crow, to get his take on the mindset required to target BIG carp.

Despite being based in the North of the country for a lot of his life, Crowy boasts a photo album most mere mortals would take several lifetimes to compete with, featuring UK carp to 64lb and French monsters to 86lb!

Never one to be swayed by the latest rig or fashion, Crowy does things his own way and always has, which is perhaps what makes him so successful when it comes to tracking down individual carp, as demonstrated perfectly by his capture of Butthead from Girton Pit earlier this year.

Crowy talks everything from moon phases and hormones to fishing for ghosts and big-carp baits. When it comes to big-carp fishing, Crowy has quite simply been there, done it and got the T-shirt, so what better person to lead us into big-carp season than one of the very best in the business!