• Posted: 20th July 2023
  • Author: The Morris family

As schools break up around the country for the summer holidays, we are going on a little carp fishing holiday of our own – with the Morris family!

That’s right, they are back! This time, the fabulous foursome head north to Shropshire to visit Blackthorn Fishery, where the brand-new Pines Lake awaits.

The luxury lakeside accommodation gives the family access to a 1.5-acre lake that holds a number of 20-pounders and a low thirty, which Mozza will no doubt have his eyes on.

Join them on the DNA Digital TV YouTube channel as we try to find out answers to the following: ❓ Does Mozza wet the bed?

❓ Where exactly does the magic happen?

❓ Will the PBs produce a new PB for Nicole?

If you’ve never used the washing-line method before, Mozza has got plenty of tips on how to get the very best from it.