• Posted: 20th March 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
Is anyone having a better year than Lee ‘Smiley’ Baker?
Lee’s incredible run of action on his syndicate continued on his latest session with a brand-new forty for the lake, coming as part of a triple take as a shoal of fish moved over his baited area!
Lee said: “Knowing it was going to be harder and harder to get back in the area I’ve been fishing over the past month, I decided on a change of scenery and, with the fish now using other areas of the lake, I decided to fish some shallower water.
“I baited up with my usual mix of 12mm Secret 7 and SLK glugged in matching Liquid Food and coated in Insect Meal and Krill Meal, along with a good helping of pellets soaked in Hydro Spod Syrups.
“Nothing happened for the first 36 hours, so I topped up to freshen up the spot and it all came good on the final morning with a triple take, comprising two twenties to 29lb 12oz and a new forty for the lake at 40lb 12oz. Happy days!”