• Posted: 8th April 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
As far as family holidays go, Byron Brown couldn’t have hoped for a much better one when he took the gang to Furzebray Carp Lakes in Devon, where he hauled big carp by night and enjoyed quality family time by day!
Fishing on the venue’s Island Lake, Byron bagged a string of fish, despite not fishing during the day, including what he believes is the largest common in the lake at 38lb 8oz and the highlight of the trip, a massive new personal best of 46lb 12oz.
Byron said: “I booked me, the misses and two young ones on to Furzebray’s Island Lake in Devon for a holiday. Whilst the missus and kids slept in the lake-view cottage, I bivvied up and fished the evenings, nights and mornings, then reeled in for the day to go out on family days out to the beach and other places.
“With south-westerly winds blowing down my end of the lake, I was hopeful a few fish would be following it – and I wasn’t wrong. There were points each evening when they would turn up in my swim and I would fish for a bite each time, using small Bug Corker dumbbell wafters tipped with trimmed-down yellow Bug Half Tones wafters in conjunction with small mesh bags of 12mm Bug boilies soaked in Calanus Hydro and dusted in Insect Meal.
“The first night and morning yielded two fish, mirrors of 20lb and 32lb, but then the weather eased and the fish moved off for a day or so.
“Two nights later, the weather switched back on and the fish responded! Mirrors of 25lb and 34lb come along on the fourth night, before a 38lb mirror and then a 38lb 8oz common, which I believe is the biggest common in the lake, on night five.
“Come the sixth night, the fish didn’t seem to be in front of me in the way they were on the previous nights and the temperature had dropped a little too, so I looked for another spot in slightly deeper water. I found a lovely silty strip at nine wraps and popped a mesh bag of six 12mm Bug freebies again coated in Calanus Hydro and Insect Meal on the new spot. An hour and a half later, the middle rod pulled up tight followed by a 20-minute battle. She popped up three or four times and then flat-rodded me each time, before finally sliding over the net cord. Unfortunately at this point, my youngest had been put to bed, but I still got to share the moment with the misses, who took majority of the pics, and the eldest lad. The needle stopped on 46lb 12oz, which was a new PB for me. It’s not very often you have 46-pounder, then get up the following day and go to the beach!
“This is my third season using The Bug and it just keeps on producing for me wherever I take it.”