• Posted: 25th April 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
As we prepare to welcome in an exciting new era at DNA Baits, the era of the Smoke, we thought we’d share a bit of information about this incredible new product that we’ll be dropping on the DNA Baits website tomorrow morning.

Work first started on this product back in 2020, as we looked to design a ‘smoking’ liquid with genuine fish-attracting properties.

Our finished liquid is unique in the marketplace in that not only does it cloud your baited area, moving up and down the water column over a significant period of time, but it is also packed full of amino acids, hence the name. These amino acids come courtesy of a blend of high-protein powders and liquids, as well as a generous portion of the matching bait’s liquid food.

The Amino Smoke will come in 250ml bottles and will be available in three flavours: The Bug, Secret 7 and SLK.
Though there is no limit to its inclusion, there is no need to go over the top, as you’ll see from a video we’ll be launching tomorrow evening, detailing what happens to a single Smoked-up boilie over a period of more than 20 minutes.

You will be able to use Amino Smoke however you wish. Whether you plan to coat your boilies, pump your solids, soak your particles or fire up your pellets, the Smoke will give anything it touches new life.

Though originally not designed as a hookbait soak, many of our consultants and team members used the Amino Smoke directly on their hookbaits during testing and reported some fantastic results whilst doing so.

All in all, the Amino Smoke is a truly versatile product and we are so looking forward to hearing about all your successes whilst using it.

A boilie coated in Smoke reacting within a couple of minutes

Many of our team have done extremely soaking their hookbaits in the Smoke

Smoke being introduced into some water

The Amino Smoke is perfect for coating your boilies

Pumping solids with Amino Smoke will make them almost irresistible!