• Posted: 20th September 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Paul Dobson has made it three personal bests in the space of five nights on the Roach Pit syndicate, after he topped a three-fish catch with the Drop-Down Lin at 38lb 4oz.
Also catching the eye was a stunning heavily plated mirror that tipped the scales at 28lb 4oz, with the Original Baby Common at 20lb making up the rest of the 34-year-old’s trio.
“Knowing it was going to be busy on the lake, I got my rods out early, hoping the disturbance from the other anglers would push the fish back over my spots,” said Paul.
“So, I was really pleased when my rod tore off at about 10.30pm with the Original Baby Common. Then at 2.30am, my right-hand rod ripped off, which resulted in a mega boat battle in the middle of the pond. Once I saw this fish go over the cord, I knew it was bigger than the 35lb original I had a week previously.
“It’s funny, as I waited 20 years for a UK thirty and have had three now in a month, all on DNA Baits.”
Paul caught all his fish on Bug Half Tones wafters that he fished over a mixture of Bug and Secret 7 freebies.