• Posted: 28th April 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
Luke Church’s first session on his syndicate water with the Amino Smoke saw him record a four-fish catch, topped by three thirties to 37lb 3oz.
Luke said: “The lake had been so busy for the last month, I couldn’t get anywhere near the fish, as only two or three swims had been producing on the tricky pit.
“With decent conditions coming in and the season drawing to a close, I opted to drop into an unfancied swim and see how the session went.
“I ended up catching four fish which included a 37lb 3oz mirror and two low-thirty commons, backed up by a 17lb 12oz fully scaled mirror. This was a great result considering the rest of the lake didn’t fish very well during this time.
“I caught the fish over a good spread of Bug boilies which had been pre-soaked in the Bug Amino Smoke. Hookbaits were Bug Half Tones wafters, which again had been soaked in Bug Amino Smoke before casting out.
“It was my first time out on this lake using the Amino Smoke and it certainly helped produce a great result for me.”