• Posted: 19th March 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
Andrew Jones was happy to wrap up his season on his Welsh syndicate with a trio of twenties whilst using some of the newest products in the DNA range.
Utilising the yellow Bug Half Tones wafters with our Crayfish Hydro Spod Syrup, Andrew bagged himself two cracking mirrors of 23lb 10oz and 22lb, as well as a 25lb common.
“I arrived at the lake on Thursday for my last session of the season before the two-month close-down,” said Andew.
“With the lake being incredibly busy, I opted for the far end of the lake away from the majority of the angling pressure. Upon setting up, there was clearly a couple of fish in front of me, so I quickly and quietly put out a few Spombs of my mix, featuring extra Crayfish Hydro Spod Syrup for extra attraction, at 10 wraps just past a big weedbed, flicking my yellow Bug Half Tones wafters hookbaits over the top.
“I’d just finished setting everything up when I was away, with the fish taking me straight into the weed. After an hour of cat-and-mouse games, with me putting the rod down and slackening off, fish number one was in the net, a lovely 22lb linear for my efforts. I introduced more bait and another yellow Bug Half Tones wafter over the top.
“Friday passed without any further occurrence and I could see fish had pushed down the lake on a new wind, but I was confident they would return, so I introduced more bait and waited. At 6.55 the next morning, I had a one-toner on the same rod. After a few minutes, the fish hit the same weedbed and the game was on – my patience against hers! Unlike the first one, this one held in the weed for almost three frustrating hours before eventually a belting 23lb 10oz succumbed to the net.
“More bait, more Crayfish Hydro Spod Syrup and this time a light Crayfish wafter went back on the spot, and a few hours later I ended my session and my season with a lovely golden 25lb common. Lovely times!”
Andrew’s spod mix was made up of crumbed Bug boilies, Crayfish Mini Mix pellets, Sweet Cayenne Pepper-soaked hemp and chopped worms, all covered in Calanus Hydro and Crayfish Hydro Spod Syrup and then dusted in Insect Meal and Blizzard.