• Posted: 4th October 2021
  • Author: Team DNA
Public-lake fishing on the Continent is something Jon Pole can’t get enough of, so much so he even managed to tie some in when he visited France on holiday with his missus!
As part of their trip, they visited a 700-acre lake Jon had never seen before, and he had just two nights to make something happen, which is no simple feat on a water this sort of scale.
“After looking at different swims in the night zone and with only three anglers on the whole lake, I decided I try the end of a fresh wind that was scheduled to turn up in the morning, as I hadn’t seen anything show,” said Jon.
“After dropping all four rods down the shelf in 9/10 ft of water and baiting with 18mm S7 and 22mm Bug boilies and some tigers over each rod, I received my first bite at 11.30pm that night, which turned out to be a new PB in the form of a 56lb 6oz mirror, coming to a 22mm Secret 7 Hard Hooker tipped with fake corn.”

A new PB of 56lb 6oz!

Following the success of the new PB, Jon and his missus decided to the return to the same lake the week after.
“The lake was a lot busier than the previous week, with limited space in the night zone,” said Jon.
“We slotted in and hoped to make the most of the new north-westerly winds, placing all rods in water ranging from 13-21ft.
“There were no signs of fish that night, but at 7.30 the next morning, the right-hand rod went into meltdown! After a lengthy battle, an amazing common of 55lb 10oz succumbed to the net. Another amazing public-lake fish. Happy days!”