• Posted: 17th April 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
The Elphicks complex very rarely fails to deliver for DNA customers and Billy Wells’ latest visit proved to be no exception.
During a social weekend on Pullens Lake, Billy managed to get through to two of the lake’s forties, tipping the scales at 46lb 14oz and 44lb 15oz, which were preceded by a couple of thirties to 35lb 2oz.
“I came out third of five in the draw which, to be honest, I was happy with, as I still had good swim choices available to me,” said Billy.
“Once I’d made my decision, I knew I’d be facing the wind all weekend, but I decided that could work in my favour. For the first 24 hours, I opted to fish the first 24 hours on PVA bags of Crayfish Mini Mix pellets injected with Secret 7 Amino Smoke, with Wraysberry wafters as hookbaits. I wasn’t sure how much bait had gone in before I arrived, so wanted to start off lightly.
“I placed two bags at the bottom of a marginal shelf just off the gravel, whilst the third rod was positioned further up the margin, as I knew we had two days of warmer weather turning up.
“The first 24 hours were very quiet, but I wasn’t concerned. My brother Jamie had landed three fish very tight to the island, which got me thinking. I had access to the very corner of the island, so brought in one of the rods from the bottom of the shelf, tied up a fresh bag and cast tight to the corner. I was very happy with that and feeling confident.
“Two hours later, the rod was away and after a 15-minute battle the fish managed to slip the hook – gutted! Still not beaten and feeling confident, the rod was cast back on the spot tight to the island. Forty-five minutes later, the bite alarm was singing to me again and I was in contact with another Pullens carp. This turned out to be the smallest fish of the trip at 31lb 14oz, but a great way to get off the mark!
“With a new bag tied and the rod back on the spot, just 20 minutes later it was away again with a 35lb 2oz mirror.
“On the final morning, I was up at first light to see if I could spot where the carp were hiding and, to my surprise, I could see a few bubbles within a few feet of my right-hand margin. I couldn’t resist hand-placing a rig with a PB pop-up and a handful of Crayfish Maxi Mix pellets and Secret 7 crumb very quietly over the spot in an attempt to get another bite. I didn’t even get time to set my bobbins before the rod was away! After a 20-minute battle and wiping out my middle rod, I was rewarded with a 46lb 14oz mirror.
“Still absolutely over the moon, I hand-placed the rig again and started to pack down in the 50mph winds – which wasn’t fun! To my surprise, the same rod with a fresh PB pop-up on was screaming off again and I was rewarded with a chunky 44lb 15oz mirror. To say I was over the moon would be an understatement. What a weekend!”