• Posted: 1st February 2022
  • Author: Lee Morris and Olly Sanders

Shot in glorious 4K for maximum quality, DNA Baits’ legendary DNA Winter Series returns for its seventh series, as we head into the Essex countryside to visit Hilton Valley Carp Fishery for a spot of winter carp fishing.

The two-lake carp fishing complex boasts a healthy stock of hand-picked carp, including some incredible scaly mirror carp, which was the obvious draw for our two protagonists, Lee Morris and Olly Sanders.

Cold-water carping on small waters is never easy at the best of times, so stealth is the order of the day for Mozza and Olly, as they dig out all their best carp edges, such as the washing-line method and the baiting pole, to try and put a carp or two on the mat.

Olly shows us his simple blow-back rig that he likes to use for the majority of his carp fishing, whilst Mozza is using the Ronnie rig, or spinner rig, as it is also known. The two dedicated all-round carp baits in the DNA Baits range, The Bug and Switch, are put to good use by the lads, as well as the Crayfish Maxi Mix pellets, which is such a massive edge at any time of year.