• Posted: 23rd December 2022
  • Author: Lee Morris and Olly Sanders

DNA Baits’ longest-running series returns for an eighth season, as Lee Morris and Olly Sanders visit the iconic Burghfield Blue Pool in Berkshire.

This exclusive-booking venue has been on our radar for a long time as somewhere we’ve really wanted to film and, as you’ll soon see, it didn’t disappoint, with excellent early-season conditions and some solid angling resulting in a red-letter session for both Mozza and Olly.

At four acres in size, boasting approximately 180 carp to low forties and neighbouring the legendary Burghfield Main Lake, Blue Pool is one of the most popular exclusive venues in the UK. With a number of snags and overhanging trees present, Blue Pool is renowned for its close, intimate style of fishing and has a well-earned reputation as being one of the most prolific winter waters in the south of the country.

Mozza adopts a solid-bag approach that has done so well for him in recent months, which he fishes over his winter mix of chopped Secret 7 boilies and Crayfish Mini Mix pellets pre-soaked in S7 Hydro Spod Syrup. Keep your eyes pealed for a deadly little solid-bag presentation that Mozza has incorporated into his fishing in recent months. Combined with a PB wafter, this is some set-up Mozza has on his hands!

Olly is armed with his trusty Bug boilies and baiting pole, which have worked so well for him on this venue in the past. Keeping two spots baited over the session pays off nicely, with bites coming regularly over the course of the session.