• Posted: 10th July 2023
  • Author: Team DNA
Ryan May’s journey on a certain lake came full circle this week, as he returned to a water where he had only previously caught one fish, which had escaped the sling before he was able to get a picture of it!
Having endured a lot of stick from his mates in the meantime, Ryan decided it was about time he gave the lake another go, and what do you know, he was successful at the first attempt, and incredibly the fish that graced his net was the same one that escaped his clutches last time around, an awesome scaly mirror known as the Pretty One.
“After a very successful trip to France, I decided to have a bit of time off to spend with the family and to let the fish on the complex do their thing,” said Ryan.
“In that time, I decided I was going to target the lake that had beaten me up a couple years previous, doing 22 nights for one fish! To rub salt in the wound, it was a banging scaly called the Pretty One 32lb that escaped the sling whilst I getting the camera ready. As you can imagine, I was totally broken and have suffered years of banter from other anglers who were there when I caught.
“On my first overnighter back on the lake, I found the fish sunning themselves in amongst some serious weed at the top end of the lake and decided to flick out a PB pop-up on a hinged stiff rig with a 1oz lead into what looked like an exit route for the fish.
“After my success in France, I decided I was going to stick with the same baiting approach of Crayfish Mini and Maxi Mix pellets, crushed Secret 7 boilies and a little splash of Hemp Oil! Six Spombs went on the spot and I sat and waited for the fish to leave the wall of weed.
“As the hours passed, fish started fizzing in and around the spot and just before midnight, she was away! Well, would you believe it, the culprit was my old friend, the Pretty One, and this time I managed to get some shots of it. S7 really does seem to attract the big girls!”