• Posted: 11th April 2024
  • Author: Team DNA
Mallard Lake on the Bluebell complex is capable of throwing up some great catches at this time of year, as George Davies demonstrated with a fantastic 21-fish haul!
Amongst George’s hit were a couple of thirties to 33lb 12oz and 12 twenties to 29lb 12oz, all succumbing to high-attract tactics of solid bags and PVA sticks that George laced with Insect Meal and Hemp Oil.
George said: “After turning up to a busy Bluebell complex, I opted to fish Mallard Lake. With big southerly winds due, I decided to try and get ahead of the fish, so chose an area where the wind was due to push into.
“I awoke the next morning with the wind blowing in my face and managed to pick up two fish, but it was very clear the fish were in numbers to my left on the peak of the wind, so the barrow was loaded and off I went. I managed to get the peg I was hoping for right on the peak of the wind and, with fish rolling in front of me, opted to fish two rods on PVA bags full of Crayfish Mini Mix and a good amount of Insect Meal and Hemp Oil, with PB wafters for hookbaits. My third rod featured my ever-faithful multi combi-rig, baited with a Bug EVO hookbait tipped with a slither of the new yellow and orange Bug Half Tones, to which I attached sticks of Insect Meal and Hemp Oil.
“These tactics proved to be absolutely irresistible, as I went on to receive a further 23 bites, landing 19 of them, including two thirties to 33lb 12oz and 12 twenties to 29lb 12oz.
“It was an absolutely mega session. I have ultimate confidence fishing with bait I know dose damage everywhere take it!”