• Posted: 6th October 2022
  • Author: Team DNA

Aaron Burke is a recent convert to DNA and is certainly glad he made the change, having enjoyed a brilliant session on Gigantica’s Road Lake, picking off 34 fish from 37 bites – despite only fishing days!

“I have recently switched to DNA Baits after using another company for years,” said Aaron. “I am well impressed with this bait and DNA will be my regular bait supplier from now on.”

Speaking about his memorable session, Aaron said: “My annual trip to Gigantica saw me come out second in the draw, so I picked a swim that was on form. I didn’t get my first bite till 4pm on the Sunday, then it was chaos from then on in until Wednesday afternoon when the fish moved off me.

“I wasn’t fishing the nights either and ended up with 34 fish from 37 takes. I fished 15mm SLK boilies mixed with house pellets along with a good helping of SLK Hydro Spod Syrup and a couple of tins of corn. I baited with 10kg a day to keep the fish interested and the action came thick and fast.”